Man oh man am I falling in love with YouTube. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you check out The Movie Blog on all of our different social media offerings as we

We’re contacted from aspiring film makers all over the world and as such, we have spam filters to block all e-mails with foreign language text. Somehow these guys slipped through the cracks and I’m somewhat grateful! I

  Over the years, many characters have entered into popular culture. These heroes of legend, books, poems, films, plays, and more have become ingrained into our conscious and are very identifiable. They are recognised worldwide by people

It’s the question fans can’t help but ask with [insert favorite marvel casting], especially after Hugh Jackman walking away from the mantle of Wolverine. Is it time to re-cast? Captain America is my favorite aspect of the

It’s nice to be able to access your video and movie collection while on the move. Hosting your movie collection in a remote datacenter is much more secure than having to open ports on your home router,

There is a movie to cover every possible emotion felt: it’s what we love about cinema. So it’s of no surprise that gambling would be covered on the big screen on both sides of the spectrum. We’ve

Asian Brilliant Stars invade Berlin… In a good way! What are the Asian Brilliant Stars awards? This is a new event during Berlinale. The awarding ceremony was held on Feb 12th where Xu Haofeng took home the Best Director Award

Here’s a casting idea that hadn’t crossed my mind. A brave twitter user asked Lena the blatantly obvious question that we should have all been asking all along: @IAMLenaHeadey why aren’t you playing catwoman yet??? — Selina

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