This trailer is AMAZING. I’m sure somewhere Joss Whedon is weeping tears of joy while watching this trailer as there’s a lot to love here. Everything about Diana and the island of Themyscira is beautiful. Those cliffs?

This footage looks pretty bootleg so it must be real. The footage allegedly showcases some comic-con footage for the upcoming Spider-Man homecoming. This is the first I’m coming across any footage for the movie so I decided to

The new Rogue One trailer was shared with the world during the Olympics recently and we have the goods! The movie is one thats mildly on folks radar since it’s not a proper numbered entry in the

YES! YES! MORE! YES! This trailer is amazing. Sure it’s weird seeing Katniss joining the X-Men but there’s a lot of great things going on in this trailer as well. I love the tone of this trailer and

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