Did you know that, in the comics, that there are more Children of Thanos unseen to the MCU. Yes, it’s true that the scene stealing ensemble from Avengers Infinity War actually has additional members. I feel like

Yeaaah, I thought I posted this a while ago. Carnage Revealed is the latest video in my series where we reveal the backstory of comic book characters who appear in film. This one is, without doubt, the

It was recently announced that Jake Gyllenhaal, (aka Chesty Jake) would be stepping into the world of the MCU! I know I have long imagined how to fit some of Hollywoods biggest stars into the shoes of

With Deadpool 2’s pending release I decided to dig up the URL to this video I made a while back, Cable Revealed. Now, for those of you who subscribe to us on YouTube you may have noticed

I am still giving this YouTube stuff a shot. I recently completed and uploaded a quick little primer explaining the origins of The Skrulls and what their likely role will be in Captain Marvel. Some folks realize

Hey guys, I’m back here with another video. This one is another film theory where we take a dive into the likely plot of Avengers 4. I analyze the themes introduced in previous films in the MCU,