Oh Dreamworks you are never going to get out of Pixar shadows if you keep making sub-par animation films. Trolls is the latest movie by Dreamworks, and my first thoughts are ‘ kids are going to eat

I want this movie now! RIGHT FUDGING NOW! Miles “Amazing  Teller: is going for an Academy Award, but not playing a nerd or someone party. He is playing a boxers and he looks nothing sort than phenomenal.

  Rob Zombie, where have you been? After Halloween Two, you practically fell off the face of the Earth. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t because Halloween Two was an abortion of a film, but I do

I had to look up Pete’s Dragon because I totally forgot about this Disney film. Plus, I heard a lot of backlash regarding the dragon’s appearance. I googled Pete’s Dragon, and I instantly said, “OOOHHH, OOOhhh, oh”.

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