Genre: Drama | Suspense | MysteryDirected by: Kim FarrantStarring: Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo WeavingWritten by: Michael Kinirons, Fiona Seres   I had an opportunity to speak to Australian film director Kim Farrant about her latest film

  Instant Classic. Those are words that were used to describe The Iron Giant when it was released waaaaay back in 1999. Brad Bird was a rather unknown at the time and Vin Diesel was only known

  [springboard type=”video” id=”1553659″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]   In Hollywood this sort of plot has been done time and time again. This also accounts for both genders swapped in the situation. Woman falls for mysterious man.

[springboard type=”video” id=”1553151″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]   Laughs. It’s missing the laughs. this trailer has a few moments in which they try to mimic this popular art form formally referred to as “comedy” but the intended

If you look back at Quentin Tarantino trailers, it never really captures the gravitas of the film. That being said I cannot wait until this movie comes out. Tarantino does not make bad products, so it is

  [springboard type=”video” id=”1550715″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]   Vin Diesel is all things, uincluding The Last Witch Hunter on Earth. In a film that seems to be a mash up of Governator’s End of Days, Keanu

Schwarzenegger, Willis, Stallone, Cruise, Reeves; for anyone that absolutely loves action-movies (like myself), these names will no doubt bring back memories of some of the greatest movies ever released. I must have watched hundreds of action-movies, and

Initially, I wanted to hate this trailer because I had to wait. However, the red band and green band trailers were so good that I cannot even front. Both of them have very small differences. Specifically, the

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