We’ve had a look at the Robocop robosuit in the past but today we’re getting an particularly high resolution look at both the costume and his preferred method of transportation that I have sanctimoniously dubbed the “robobike”. Let’s

A few shots of character art appeared online for Monsters University. They give us a little insight into the creation process and also the change of appearance of our main characters Sully and Mike.     Via:

  A new trialer for the Sylvestor Stallone action flick “Bullet to the Head” has made its way online. I’m going to make this one quick and short, and hope you guys don’t mind some rapid updates

  T.C., (that’s Tom Cruise), is making a statement for all you naysayers who doubt the legs of the Mission Impossible franchise. His last entry into the Mission Impossible franchise not only was the best critically received

A Brand new TV spot for the Hobbit has started appearing on televisions everywhere but if you’re not in front of a TV you don’t have to miss out! We have the TV spot right here for

  You remember that Conan movie from a couple years back with Jason Momoa in the title role? Forget it. Wash it from your memory. Remember how Momoa said he already penned a sequel for the film

This may be setting a record for the most posters for a Bradd Pitt film but who’s complaining? 3 more posters just made their debut this morning over at Vice and stick to the films independent roots