A new trailer for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis movie “Looper” has landed in our laps. For those who haven’t been keeping score the film revolves around the time and killing people. That alone should make provisiions for

  Red Hook Summer is the latest movie from Spike Lee grounded in Brooklyn. The movie made its debut earlier this year in the film festival circuit and has been somewhat labeled the unofficial sequel to “Do

    David O. Russell has kept his name in the news quite a bit this year. He worked on Uncharted, abandoned Uncharted, and now he’s back with his film starring Rober DeNiro, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence,

    The Avengers has shattered the box office and is taking an enraged look at your bluray player next. In anticipation for what is expected to be a very high selling home release Marvel films has

A 2nd poster has made its way online for Taken 2 and it appears that the marketing wheels are slowly starting to churn into higher gear. This new poster is exciting in that you know the film

A couple of new posters have appeared online for the upcoming Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis film “The Campaign”. Everything seen from this film so far has been pretty whimsical, yet funny, thus far and the film has